Free Crochet Patterns

  • Free Crochet Pattern - Winter Hat for Your Amigurumi

    Want to make a little winter hat for your amigurumi? Follow this simple pattern to make a little hat - complete with tassels and a pom pom - in under 1 hour!
  • Free Crochet Pattern - Mini Santa Hat

    Create your own mini Santa hat in under an hour!
    You can easily add more or less rounds to get the size you want for this amigurumi accessory or Christmas ornament!
  • Free Crochet Pattern - Cleo the Clam

    When you live your entire life in a shell, you can tend to be a little shy... But Cleo is determined to move past this clam stereotype and meet new friends. He keeps his clam shell propped open as often as he can, and greets any passersby with a cheery “hello!”
  • Free Crochet Pattern - Top Hat

    Create your own mini top hat in under an hour!
    This little hat is the perfect accessory for an amigurumi snowman, amigurumi Halloween costume, or simply adding some style!
  • Free Crochet Pattern - Baby Manatee

    Manatees are such neat creatures and even cuter as babies! Here is a quick pattern to make one of your own.