Free Crochet Patterns

  • Mega “Sea Pancake” Ray: Syrup and Butter Instructions

    Want to make a mega "sea pancake" ray? Make my Ruby Ray the Mega Ray pattern, then follow these instructions for adding syrup and butter!
  • Free Crochet Pattern - A Bow (takes 10 min!)

    Looking for a cute and simple accessory for your crocheted animal? This little bow takes 10 minutes to make (and comes with a video tutorial)! Click below to make your own!
  • Free Video Tutorial - Graham the Mini Gnome

    Create your own little gnome with me in this full step-by-step YouTube tutorial! This gnome is super easy to make and comes together in LESS THAN 1 HOUR!
  • Free Crochet Pattern - PLUSH Cecil the Clam

    This super simple clam pattern comes together in just over 1 hour! Click below to make your own!
  • Free Crochet Pattern - Winter Hat for Your Amigurumi

    Want to make a little winter hat for your amigurumi? Follow this simple pattern to make a little hat - complete with tassels and a pom pom - in under 1 hour!
  • Free Crochet Pattern - Cleo the Clam

    Meet Cleo the Clam! Made up of just 4 crocheted circles and 1 tiny ball (Cleo!), this pattern is so simple to make and takes just over 1 hour! Click below to make your own!

  • Free Crochet Pattern and Video Tutorial - Top Hat

    Create your own mini top hat in under an hour! This little hat is the perfect accessory for an amigurumi snowman, amigurumi Halloween costume, or simply adding some style!
  • Free Crochet Pattern - Baby Manatee

    This baby manatee comes together in less than 1 hour and is so simple to make! Click below to make your own!