Free Crochet Pattern - A Bow (takes 10 min!)

Welcome! Want to make a little bow as an accessory for your crocheted animal? This easy bow takes 10 minutes to make! Find the written instructions below; OR, follow along with this step-by-step video tutorial on my YouTube channel:

Bow Video Tutorial

R1: Ch 18, turn and starting in the 2nd ch from your hook, sc 17 (17 sts)
R2-4: Ch 1, turn, sc 17 (17 sts x 3 rows)

Fasten off, leaving an extra long yarn tail. Use this tail to sew together the 2 ends of the rectangle you have made, forming a ring. With the seam at the back, pinch this ring together in the middle and use the leftover yarn tail to wrap as tightly as you can around the middle – about 7-10 wraps around the bow. Then use your yarn needle to pull the yarn tail through what you have wrapped at the back of the bow; this will hold the yarn in place.

If you want to sew the bow directly to your animal's head, use the yarn tail to do this now.

If you want to make a removable headband, secure the yarn tail with a knot, weave in the ends, and trim. To create the headband, take a long strand of white yarn and thread it through the back of the bow; wrap the strand with the bow on it around the head, and tie tightly at the back of the head. Trim the ends, are finished! Enjoy!