TCS Tutorials

  • All About Amigurumi Supplies

    Hi there! In this post I share my favorite amigurumi supplies. What I love about amigurumi is that the supplies are very affordable, so it’s really...
  • How to Avoid Holes in Your Amigurumi

    Help! There are holes in my amigurumi! How to avoid seeing stuffing through your crochet stitches.
  • How to Stuff Amigurumi

    In this video, I show how I stuff the head, body, arms and legs of a crocheted animal!
  • How to Sew Arms and Legs on Crochet Amigurumi Dolls

    In this video, I show how I sew arms and legs on my amigurumi. I also gives tips on stuffing limbs, crocheting across the top to close them, and how to position them on the body of your amigurumi.
  • How to Embroider Facial Details

    Embroidering the details on amigurumi can be so simple! In this video, I show you how to sew on sleepy eyes, a nose, a little smile, and eyebrows! ...
  • Securing Yarn Embroidered Details

    This tutorial shows how to secure your embroidered yarn so it will not pull out!
  • Sew invisible seams for Amigurumi

    I love the clean look of this invisible seam (also called a “running stitch seam”). I use this whenever I’m sewing a flat piece of a different colo...
  • How to crochet in the Front & Back Loops Only

    Have you ever wondered what it means to crochet in the front loops only (FLO) or the back loops only (BLO)? In this video I show how to crochet bot...
  • Free Crochet Pattern - Mini Santa Hat

    Create your own mini Santa hat in under an hour!
    You can easily add more or less rounds to get the size you want for this amigurumi accessory or Christmas ornament!
  • Free Crochet Pattern - Cleo the Clam

    When you live your entire life in a shell, you can tend to be a little shy... But Cleo is determined to move past this clam stereotype and meet new friends. He keeps his clam shell propped open as often as he can, and greets any passersby with a cheery “hello!”
  • How to embroider eyes on crochet amigurumi dolls

    Embroidering the details on amigurumi can be so simple! In this tutorial, I show you how.
  • Free Crochet Pattern - Top Hat

    Create your own mini top hat in under an hour!
    This little hat is the perfect accessory for an amigurumi snowman, amigurumi Halloween costume, or simply adding some style!