Q: What supplies do I need to get started with making crocheted animals?

In this post I share my favorite amigurumi supplies. What I love about amigurumi is that the supplies are very affordable, so it’s really easy to get started! You can get all of the supplies you’ll need to make several crocheted animals for less than $20! Of course each crocheter will have a different preference as far as type of hook, type of yarn, etc, but this is what I use and love. (Unless noted otherwise, these are not affiliate links.)

If you are just learning to crochet, I would recommend starting out with medium weight yarn (or non-plush yarn). If you are interested in making animals with plush yarn, jump down to my favorite supplies when working with plush yarn!

The majority of the patterns in my shop are made with #4 medium worsted weight yarn (these are the patterns that do not have "plush" in the title). When making these patterns, here are my favorite supplies to use:

3.75mm crochet hook


#4 medium worsted weight 100% acrylic yarn

Impeccable Solid Yarn by Loops and Threads: https://www.michaels.com/impeccable-solid-yarn-by-loops-and-threads-/M10108918.html
Lion Brand Pound of Love Yarn: https://www.michaels.com/lion-brand-pound-of-love-yarn/10299780.html
Amigo XL: https://hobbii.com/amigo-xl
Mega Ball Aran:https://hobbii.com/mega-ball-aran-400-g

Clover jumbo tapestry needle with a bent point


Poly-fil stuffing and stuffing tool


12mm black safety eyes


Sharp scissors


Embroidery floss


When making plush (aka chunky or chenille) patterns, here are my favorite supplies to use:

5mm crochet hook


#6 super bulky weight 100% polyester yarn

My Favorite - Parfait Chunky: https://premier-yarns.pxf.io/e4OvDz (affiliate link)

18 or 20mm black safety eyes


3D glitter eyes


Off-center glitter eyes


If you would like to paint your own 3D glitter eyes, you can buy the 3D eyes linked above, but then use glitter paint to customize them however you like. See this brief YouTube short here:


For bent-tip sewing needle, poly-fil, scissors, and embroidery floss, see links above!

And that's all you will need! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. Happy crocheting! :)