Q: How do I make the eyes look better?

In this video, I share my 5 favorite ways to embellish safety eyes with yarn. Using black safety eyes on your crochet amigurumi toys is such a fun way to make them look more realistic! And you can add even more personality with a few simple yarn stitches around the eyes.

How to choose which one to use for your animal? Just try a couple and see what fits!

Below you will find each of the 5 techniques described in the video...

0:02 FIRST - Sew 2 stitches above each eye in the color that matches the head color, plus 1 white stitch below the eye, as seen on a baby turtle, dachshund, and triceratops
0:43 How to secure your yarn on the inside of the head, if there is an opening
1:28 SECOND - Use embroidery floss to sew eyelashes at the corner of each eye, as seen on a llama and snail
2:14 THIRD - Sew 1 white stitch at the back of the eye, as seen on a t-rex, goldfish, and blue tang
2:27 How to secure your yarn if the head is already closed
2:45 FOURTH - Sew 1 black stitch above the eye and 1 white stitch below the eye, as seen on a bear, deer, and lamb
3:30 FIFTH - Sew 4 black stitches to surround the eye plus 1 stitch at the back, as seen on a husky, horse, and tiger

Looking for an easy pattern to start with? Check out my free video tutorials here on YouTube: www.youtube.com/playlist